Airport Employment & Career Resources

Airport Jobs in the New York Metropolitan Area

AirportWorker helps those seeking work to find airport and aviation-related job openings that match their skills and location while assisting hiring managers and recruiters in locating those seeking work.

Airport Airside (AOA) Jobs

Airport personnel working airside oversee the airfield, ramps, safety, and security of the airport. If you’ve looked outside an airplane window before take off and noticed staff directing vehicles or performing duties around aircraft, they are working in the Airside Operations Area (AOA).

Airport Landside Jobs

The landside area is accessible to the general public, including those not traveling. It includes check-in and ticketing and isn’t considered a “secure” area in the same sense as the airside area. Elements of the landside include terminal facilities, roadway, and parking.

Airport Terminal Jobs

Airport terminals provide many services for air passengers. Airports served by airlines offer services throughout the airport terminals, such as restaurants, newsstands, gift shops, and bookstores. Other services include car rental agencies and Skycap baggage service.

Off-Airport Jobs

Like the services provided within any city worldwide, airports also require these services to operate. From carpet cleaning to cab drivers, architects to bakers, every airport requires off-airport service providers to handle the needs of the airlines and airport tenants.

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